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Magdalena Whitehead

MA Psych, PGDip Couns, MNZAC

I’m Magdalena. 

I am a counsellor, lifelong learner, mother, partner. I am deeply intrigued by human connection, the fascinating capacity of our brain and how that plays out everywhere from the dinner table to the bedroom.

I am passionate about helping couples to be present with one another, walk through their challenges with courage and find joy in the change they create.  I am committed to help you to grow the relationship you desire, utilizing my skills, knowledge and years of experience in counselling.


As a counsellor I have been assisting clients to restore wellbeing and to thrive over the last 15 years. My practice has been focused on couples counselling and individual relationship counselling. I enjoy working with couples from a variety of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and from the LGBTIQ community. I support clients (from 16y+) with a wide range of problems and experiences.


I am a fully registered counsellor working in private practice in Henderson and online. I am trained in several specialist relationship approaches including Imago Relationship Therapy, The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy and The Gottman Method. I continue to learn through ongoing engagement with cutting-edge specialists in the relationship field.


I aim to gently guide you towards a more fulfilling and loving relationship where you experience stronger connection 
and joy of togetherness.

Qualifications & Registrations
  • Master of Psychology

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling

  • Certified Imago Relationship Therapist (CIRT)

  • The Developmental Model Graduate

  • Member New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)

For a list of my counselling services, click here >


I believe that each of us is on a lifelong developmental journey. I would be privileged to become your host and guide, for a brief moment.

Contact me to book an appointment or to have a confidential chat to see if I'm the right fit for you.

What t expet

What to expect while working with me

Let’s start to grow and transform your relationship together.

Here are some examples of issues and tasks I can help couples with. 

Restore and deepen your connection

Increase and expand your understanding of your relational self, your partner and the connection between you. Create the relationship you truly desire to live. Learn how to stay involved, close and connected.

Understand existing patterns and processes in your relationship

Are you feeling hostage to your predictable and painful patterns? Understand how our past experiences and attachment shape us and our relationships and how you might change these patterns. 

Manage difficult conversations skilfully

Learn how to have difficult conversations, instead of avoiding them altogether, or turning them into a fight. Experience new ways of talking about challenging issues that leave you feeling understood and connected. 

Manage your emotions skilfully

Create greater awareness of your emotions, the foundation couples need to connect effectively. Understand and learn to manage your triggers and express emotions effectively.

Communicate more effectively

Learn communication that nurtures love and connection and what to avoid. Understand why safety is crucial in the relationship, how to restore and safeguard it. 

Heal relationship ruptures

Loss of trust, affairs, lack of commitment. Move forward without regret. I offer you a journey of healing and re-building a future that works for you.

Learn the fundamental principles of successful relationships 

Gain a greater understanding of relationships, how they really work and what makes them successful. 

Transform conflict into connecting

Reform defences, change behaviour and reexperience safety that will restore connecting and love in your relationship.

Shift the way you view your relationship

Attain a fresh and curious outlook on where you’re stuck. 
Shift from a power struggle with your partner, to being in each other’s care. 


“The purpose is not to become one. It is to recognise each other, learn from each other and honour them for who they are.” - Hermann Hesse

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