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Individual Relationship Counselling

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Most of us want to be in love, but often we wonder how to find love or how to sustain it. Individual relational counselling can take you on the journey of discovering and understanding your unique challenges and dilemmas of love and intimate relationships.

Many people can benefit from Individual Relational counselling while seeking answers to complex questions.

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Here are some issues we explore and address with clients:

  • Prepare for a new relationship
    We all want to put our best foot forward at the start of a new romance. Taking an honest look at yourself, understanding your relational self, your challenges and growth edges can help you to attract that special someone.


  • Understand and expand your relational self-awareness
    How do you show up for love? What is your history? Your personality? What emotions and longings do you bring to a relationship? Loving somebody requires you to be courageous, vulnerable, and real. To be able to live your most authentic self with someone else, you need to be comfortable to be authentic with yourself first.


  • Learn the key skills for building loving and lasting relationships
    Many of us don’t have much relationship education before we commit to an intimate relationship. One of the biggest myths is that it should be easy journey if we chose the right person. On contrary, relationships are arguably one of the most difficult pursuits we engage in our lifetime and require ongoing care. Learn what relationships are really about and how you can be a good carer for your partner.


  • Transform your heartache
    Perhaps you just got out of a relationship and that had a devastating effect on your wellbeing and self-confidence. You may feel stuck, lethargic and hopeless. Every devastating blow, while being difficult to deal with, also harbours a growth opportunity. Together we can identify your growth edge and the next steps towards your preferred future.


  • Gain clarity to shift relational ambivalence 
    Are you not sure about your current, emerging or prospective relationship? Are they the right person or would you be better with someone else? Learn how to embrace your courage and lean into discomfort of vulnerability, while paying attention to the red flags and your gut feelings.

Individual relational counselling can assist you in exploring your unique situation or dilemma. It can empower you with new skills and tools for crafting your own way to your desired relationship.

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