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Break up / Separation Counselling


Navigation & Recovery

If your relationship has come to its end, you may feel like you are falling apart. Break up or divorce marks the end of a journey that started with a belief in love and the pursuit of a joyful lifetime together. Divorce/ separation is one of the most stressful events we can experience in life. Your heart may be heavy with the unspeakable grief of lost love and shattered dreams; you may be feeling despair.


Break ups are also a critical crossroads. We are called to restoring our wholeness, reinventing ourselves in a personal capacity and rebuilding our new life. In the despair lies the opportunity to cultivate greater and deeper capacity lo love and to be loved.

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Counselling can help you with:

  • Strategies for calming your overwhelmed brain, that will allow you to cope better

  • Dealing with day-to-day life after separation and re-gaining a sense of control

  • Getting closure on your relationship for you individually or together with your ex-partner

  • Speeding up your broken heart recovery by identifying effective and ineffective steps and actions to help you to move on and thrive

  • Making sense of your loss and crafting your personal journey of grieving and healing 

  • Identifying your current supports and re-building your life in small steps 

  • Reclaiming yourself, recovering your self-confidence, and expanding resilience

  • Harvesting useful learnings from your ended relationship to support your personal growth 

  • Showing up more self-aware, wholehearted and skilled in your future relationships

  • Navigating the relationship with your ex-partner to your best benefit, based on your circumstances

If you are feeling alone and struggling in this unwanted and unknown world of separation and divorce, relational counselling can help you to find your footing again.

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Co-parenting through separation and beyond

The dissolving of a marriage has a huge emotional impact on all members of the family. Children, being the most vulnerable, are solely dependent on your guidance and protection from the negative consequences of divorce. Counselling can support you in creating a road map to protect and nurture your children, while rebuilding your life and promoting your emotional healing.

Together we can:

  • Make your children primary focus

  • Clarify how to talk to children about separation

  • Create a child-focused parenting plan

  • Help children transition to new living conditions

  • Pave the way for better post-separation communication

  • Transform your co-parenting relationship to one of respect, generosity and goodwill

  • Acquire new skills and capacities so you can co-parent effectively with maximum benefit for your children

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