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Relationship & Marriage Counselling


The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

Most romantic relationships start as a unique and intense love story. We feel special and happily clutch the belief that we’ve found our soulmate - our happily ever after.


As the relationship progresses, inevitably, cracks start to appear. The very qualities we were so smitten by at the start are suddenly at the center of conflicts. Old hurts are reactivated as we realize our partners will not love and care for us the way we hoped for and imagined. We may struggle to find a shared understanding and reconcile the emerging differences. The magic has gone - in fact, we’re experiencing increasing distance and disillusionment. 

We feel that our needs aren’t being met. Often, we change tack and try anger, withdrawal, contempt, or criticism (whatever our inclination) to demand the love and care that we deserve. This power struggle can make us feel lonely, frustrated, and disappointed, and we’re even more challenged if factors like depression or a significant rupture like an affair are present as well. There’s no easy solution. The situation will continue until we give up, give in, or act positively to seek help because we value the relationship and want more from it.


While couples are aware of these changes to their relationship, they frequently struggle to make sense of them and to find a way back to the loving connection they once had and cherished.


Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”


This is where couples counselling is valuable. It can provide new paradigms, perspectives, and alternative behaviours, and offer a path away from the familiar, dark, stuck place toward restoring your emotional bond and rekindling your love story.

Many reasons bring people to couples counselling; you can learn more about them here.

Couples counselling offers a safe and structured space to explore your concerns and longings. The process allows couples to make sense of what’s happening between them and to understand what a preferred way of relating would look like.


Together we engage in the process of a more profound understanding of the recurrent patterns, triggers, and dynamics in the relationship. We work towards strengthening your connection by learning and integrating new tools and practices in your relationship. It’s a collaborative process that requires both partners' commitment and willingness to work on the relationship.

If you want to change direction and elevate your relationship towards a more nurturing, caring, and loving one, you most likely can. Effective change requires insight and action. Together, they lead to clarity and power. Change also requires the courage to step away from the familiar into new territory. (There are no free lunches, I’m afraid.) What could be your next step to building the life you aspire to live and the relationship you desire to co-create?

Contact me to book an appointment or to have a confidential chat, to see how I can assist your relationship and if I'm the right fit for you.

I believe that each of us is on a lifelong developmental journey.

I would be privileged to become your host and guide, for a brief moment.

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