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Surviving & Recovering after an Affair


Disclosed or discovered infidelity has catapulted your relationship into crisis. Everything you knew and trusted, everything that represented stability, is gone.


The foundation of your relationship is crashed and in liquefaction. You’re likely feeling lost, overwhelmed with pain and other emotions, and unsure of your next steps.


Starting to work with a couple’s counsellor can provide you with a structure and compassion to make your way through this extremely challenging time.


Together, we can create a safe space for conversations to understand what has happened and how to move from raw pain to constructive action.


We will slow down the process to avoid any premature impulsive decisions. Once we obtain robust understanding of each of your realities, we will turn towards your possible future preferences. If you choose to give your relationship another chance, we will work on rebuilding trust and reimagining your relationship.

While this is not an easy work, many couples who decide against separation and pour their resources into learning and growth do reinvent their relationship at a more conscious and satisfactory level than they had before.  Every great challenge also harbours immense opportunity for growth. I am available to be your compassionate guide on this journey if you chose working with me to rebuild after betrayal.


For support in crisis refer to the Crisis survival strategies.

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